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My favorite part about working here is the energy and the people. I truly have fun when I come to work, whether it's from behind the bar or now in my new role as a manager. I've always loved the buzz that you can feel in the atmosphere when you walk in the building, especially if the roof is open. Plus, working here quickly felt like a second family, growing together through this first year of being open. At first, it was a secondary job for me to make a little extra money and to have another social outlet. I worked full-time during the week, but I enjoyed the weekend bar shifts I was working so much more. By January, I had made the decision to leave my job and bartend full-time while seeking additional responsibilities. I began working on beverage inventory with Joe, our bar manager, every other week, and in doing so, I realized how much I enjoyed the "behind the scenes" type of work as well. A few months later, I was offered the management position, and here we are! My favorite menu item is the crispy broccoli, hands down. I used to really sell it to guests at the bar all the time.



In 2009 New Planet was founded in Boulder, Colorado, just a few years after the founder first discovered he had Celiac Disease. What began as a personal quest to drink delicious beer, quickly turned into the launch of New Planet. The company’s love for the outdoors and the Colorado lifestyle, as well as its desire to enjoy great tasting beer without sacrificing one’s health, are reflected in its name.
The Hoppy Citrusy New Planet Pale Ale is gluten free and is on the menu to try! 

Boulder, CO

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